American States and Capitals App

We are proud to announce the release of American States and Capitals for the Nook and Kindle Fire! These new versions join the earlier versions for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone and iPad. The Nook app is available now at and the Kindle app is available immediately on The other Android and IOS versions of the app continue to be available in their respective app stores.

This family of Apps make it fun and easy for anyone to learn the state capitals, nicknames, official birds, flowers, and other key information about each U.S. state. The Apps present state and capital info in a fun, easy to use, color-rich visual format utilizing an intuitive touch interface. Users of the Apps simply have to touch a state to learn more about it.

The Apps received positive reviews in the Apple App Store being hailed as great tools for teaching and learning. A recent customer review stated: “As a school teacher working with grade 2 & 3 students, this application is virtually perfect for TV or smart board projection. It is colorful, very simple in design and perfect as a visual aid in the classroom.”

Parents of school-age children have also been enthusiastic about the app. Several customers have remarked that the app has made learning geography fun and easy for their children. A recent parent reviewer stated: “Both of my children love this app! Both my fifth and third grader excitedly took the app and learned on their own all about the state capitals.”

The new Nook and Kindle versions are earning positive reviews as well. Customers are calling it a great app for learning, with a recent customer saying: “This app is colorful, intuitive, and straightforward. My kids (10 and 12) both like it and have expanded their geography knowledge with it. I showed it to one of their teachers and now she wants it to use in class!”

American States and Capitals Availability

American States and Capitals is available now in the Nook app store, on, in the Android Market, and in the iTunes App Store. Both Nook, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Android device native versions of the app are available for immediate sale. All versions of the app are priced at $0.99.

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