American States and Capitals

Do you remember learning the state capitals as a kid? Perhaps you have a grade-school age child who is learning them now. Maybe you just want to know more about our country, or you’re a teacher looking for an engaging way to present states and capitals instruction. If so, this app is for you.

The American States and Capitals app makes it fun and easy for children and adults to learn the state capitals, nicknames, official birds and flowers, and other key information about each U.S. state. The app presents state and capital info in a fun, easy to use, color-rich visual format utilizing an intuitive touch interface. Users of the app simply have to touch a state to learn more about it.

American States and Capitals Main Screen

The app received positive reviews in the Apple app store being hailed as fun, compelling, and a great tool for learning. A recent customer review stated: “As a school teacher working with grade 2 & 3 students, this application is virtually perfect for TV or smart board projection. It is colorful, very simple in design and perfect as a visual aid in the classroom.”

American States and Capitals State Content Screen

American States and Capitals Availability

American States and Capitals is available now in the Amazon App Store, Barnes and Noble Nook App Store, iTunes App Store and Android Market. Both iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Android native versions of the app are available for immediate sale. All versions of the app cost $0.99.

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