doDoodle! The fun drawing app for kids!

doDoodle Color and Brush controls

Kids love to draw! Drawing and doodling just comes naturally to kids. Now you can turn your Nook into a drawing pad for your child. doDoodle has been designed to easily allow young children and kids of all ages to draw cool pictures and explore their creative side. With simple, easy to use controls, your child can control brush size and color, undo or erase unwanted items, and save their masterpiece when complete.

Designed by parents of young children for young children, doDoodle is a fun, interactive drawing app that lets young children explore their creativity.



Get doDoodle for Nook by clicking here.

Get doDoodle for Kindle and Android tablets by clicking here.

App features include:
Drawing: Children simply use their finger to draw in a natural, uninhibited manner. The application is ready to draw from the moment of launch. Children can begin drawing immediately by simply drawing their finger across the screen.
Color: Children can select any one of the primary or secondary colors along with white, black, pink, or a random “mystery” color. The “mystery” color is different every time it’s selected. Color selection in the app also helps children to learn their colors, and how colors interact with each other.
Brushes: Children can select from a number of different brush sizes from thin pencils to thick markers for complete control during their drawing.
Undo and Erase: Any mistakes can be quickly reversed using the Undo feature, and children can completely start over, if desired, using the Erase feature.
Save: All drawings can be saved to your My Files directory for use on your Nook, Kindle, or Android tablet or for transfer to your PC.

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