Ten Monsters Come to Call

One monster is trouble. Two monsters is double! In this exciting counting game for young children, ten adorable monsters come to call to help children learn their numbers and counting from one to ten. Set to an original story and musical score, children learn the numbers from one to ten as the story unfolds. As the child advances from screen to screen, the monster count increases with the monsters engaging in additional mischief. Throughout the screen there are interactive surprises to discover including what the monsters do when touched.

10 Monsters!

Designed by parents of young children for young children, Ten Monsters is a fun, interactive counting game with a strong story, original music, and cute characters.

Counting: Children build number recognition and basic counting skills through advancing through and interacting with the game. The storyline and monster character number are synchronized so that children learn to associate the word ‘One’ with the symbol ‘1’ and the concept of the number one. This aids in developing strong foundational math skills.
Reading: Each page of the story features a Read It To Me speaker button that reads the page to the child. As children become familiar with the words and the story they begin to develop letter, word, and sentence recognition skills essential to developing lifelong reading skills.
Music: The original musical score is a classically inspired piece that aids in learning through stimulating the child’s brain with complex musical patterns. Scientific studies have shown music to be an effective aid in priming the brain for learning.
Interactivity: The application is full of interactive exploration possibilities throughout each screen. Touching an object can reveal another hidden object, play a sound, or trigger an animation or other action. High interactivity stimulates learning engagement and helps develop hand eye coordination and motor skills in young children.

Available now for iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Android Tablets.

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