Free Poetry for your iPhone!

It’s poetry in motion . . . on your phone! Of all the things your iPhone can do, one of our favorites is its ability to deliver a compelling media experience into one of your spare moments in your day. In keeping with this capability is one of our newest apps: 12xFrost.

12xFrost features 12 selections from one of America’s most beloved and famous poets. This app brings you 12 essential poems from four-time Pulitzer Prize winning poet Robert Frost. Striking a unique balance between greatest hits album and deep tracks, 12xFrost strives to bring a unique blend of popular favorites and more obscure Frost poems that any poetry fan will enjoy. You’ll find perennial favorites like Mending Wall and Fire and Ice, but also a number of surprises too. Presented with a unique design and full poem text and audio, 12xFrost gives the viewer a unique multimedia journey through the poetry of a true American Icon: Robert Frost.

12xFrost Availability

12xFrost is available now in the Apple App store. The app is free. Click here to get the app.

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